Why Order A Custom Industrial Coating?

If you coat parts of your machines or equipment, then you can sometimes use regular off-the-shelf products. However, sometimes, it's better to order a custom mix. What are the advantages of using custom coatings?

Get Customized Protection

An effective coating protects a surface from various types of damage. For example, coatings can make surfaces more resistant to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, and low or high temperatures.

In some cases, a regular coating gives you all the protection you need. However, regular products might not meet multiple requirements. You might have to compromise if you can't get all the protection you would like in one product.

If your coating has a weakness, then it won't give full protective coverage. However, if you order a custom mix, then your manufacturer can design a specialized coating blend. They engineer a product that meets multiple requirements. Your coating will do exactly what you need.

Get a Cost-Effective Coating

Custom coatings might cost you more initially; however, they could save you money over time. These coatings can reduce repair and replacement costs.

For example, say you can't find a regular coating that meets all your environmental exposure or stress needs. The coating you do use will break down faster. You might need to pay to have surfaces recoated periodically.

Or, if the coating can't stay intact, then it might allow its underlying part to get damaged. You might need to repair or replace the whole part.

Custom coatings last longer. A well-designed blend is less likely to break down. You won't have recoating, repair, or replacement costs.

Get an Easier Application

Even if you can find a regular coating that meets all your needs, it might not be easy to apply. Some coatings take a long time to apply, dry, and cure. They aren't easy to put on surfaces with areas that are hard to reach.

Your manufacturer can make you a custom blend that is easier to apply. They can change a coating's viscosity to give you better coverage in even hidden spaces. They can improve drying and curing times.

Get Better Cosmetics

You do get some color and finish choices with regular coatings. However, there are times when a custom blend is a better cosmetic choice.

For example, if you want all our machines to fit your custom color brand, then you will struggle to find coating colors that are an exact match. Your coated parts will stand out, but not in a good way.

If you use a custom coating, then your supplier can create an exact color match to your specification. Your coated parts will blend in seamlessly with your custom color choice. You can also add customized finishes to your parts if you wish.

To get help designing the perfect coating for your products, talk to custom industrial coating professionals.