3 Reasons To Add A Turbocharger To Your Truck

Americans spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Having access to a pickup truck allows you to complete a diverse range of tasks with your personal vehicle. You can transport passengers, haul items in the bed of the truck, or use your truck to tow a camp trailer or boat.

With trucks gaining in popularity, aftermarket products designed to enhance truck performance are flooding the automotive market. One of these aftermarket parts you might want to consider investing in is a Dodge Cummins turbocharger.

1. Increase Your Truck's Horsepower

Horsepower is an important component in the performance of any truck. The amount of horsepower generated by a truck's engine is directly related to the amount of air moving through the engine at any given time.

The addition of an aftermarket turbocharger to your truck's engine provides the additional airflow needed to significantly boost horsepower. The turbocharger spins a turbine that powers an air pump. This air pump injects air directly into your truck's engine, resulting in more efficient engine performance and more horsepower while towing heavy loads.

2. Increase Your Truck's Torque

Many drivers want to invest in a turbocharger to increase the speed at which their trucks can travel. It's important to note that a turbocharger has no effect on the actual speed of a truck's engine. The relationship between speed and a turbocharger lies in the turbochargers ability to increase your truck's torque.

The torque is the twisting force utilized to turn the driveshaft connected to your truck's wheels. The turbocharger injects extra air into your engine, which allows the engine to function more efficiently. This increase in efficiency results in an increase in torque, which often produces an increase in overall truck speed.

3. Increase Your Truck's Efficiency

Vehicles can be a source of air pollution due to the gases that are found in vehicle emissions. Although most states have implemented laws governing the maximum level of allowable emission gases, these gases can still compromise air quality in your area.

The addition of an aftermarket turbocharger to your truck can help you significantly reduce the emissions produced by your vehicle. Turbochargers utilize emission gases to help power the turbine that contributes to improved airflow. Since emission gases are redirected to the turbocharger instead of being released into the air, a turbocharger can reduce the amount of pollution created by your truck as you drive on public roadways in the future.