4 Types Of Cutting Oils Used In Industrial Machines

Cutting oils, or cutting fluids as they are often called, are specific oil mixtures that are used in industrial machinery. The purpose of cutting fluids in industrial machinery is multiple-faceted. The four primary types of cutting fluids are straight oils, soluble oils, semisynthetic fluids, and synthetic fluids.

#1 Straight Oils

Straight oils are used within industrial machinery in an undiluted form. Straight oils are generally made from petroleum oil. Although they contain oil in an undiluted form, there are often lubricants that are added to the mixture to increase the lubrication properties of the mixture. Common lubricants in straight oils include vegetable oils and esters. It is also common for additives such as Sulphur, phosphorus, and chlorine to be used if the oil will be used on a machine that exerts high pressure.

Straight oils are prized because they provide a high level of lubrication. However, straight oils are not the best with cooling things down.

#2 Soluble Oils

Soluble oils are designed to be mixed with water. Soluble oils contain mineral oil as well as emulsifiers. The mineral oils are present in a highly diluted form. Soluble oils do not contain petroleum-based oils.

Soluble oils are prized because they work really well at transferring heat while at the same time providing a good degree of lubrication. Soluble oils are also prized because they are one of the more affordable industrial cutting oils.

#3 Synesthetic Fluids

Synesthetic fluids are completely different from both mineral oils as well as petroleum oils. Instead, synthetic fluids are made in a lab out of organic and inorganic compounds with an alkaline base. Additives are included in the formula to reduce corrosion.

Synesthetic fluids are generally prized for their cooling properties and are a great fluid to use in really hot environments.

#4 Semi-Synthetic Fluids

Semi-synthetic fluids are a hybrid of both soluble oil and synthetic fluids, usually made up of components of both. Due to the mixed nature of semi-synesthetic fluids, they have a wide range of properties that make them fall right in the middle of the pack as far as heat transfer and lubrication properties.

Before you purchase cutting oil for your industrial machines, make sure that you know which type of oil your machine needs based on your machine's specific needs. The main purpose of cutting fluids is to provide lubrication and reduce heat transfer. The amount of lubrication your machine needs and the amount of heat it creates will determine which cutting fluid is best for your machines.  

For more information, contact your local industrial cutting fluids retailer.