3 Reasons to Rent

Is your construction company or warehouse in need of a crane for a major upcoming project? If lifting especially heavy freight, merchandise, or building materials is in your near future, you've probably already started reaching out to local heavy equipment vendors in search of the crane you need. But before you sign on the dotted line, consider whether or not a crane rental would also take care of your needs. Here are three reasons why you might want to work with a company that offers crane services for your next project instead of purchasing the equipment outright.

If It's a One Time Deal, Buying Simply Makes No Sense

If this upcoming project is the first time you have ever needed a crane and you don't have any other similar projects on the slate in the near future, spending thousands on a brand new crane doesn't really make much sense when you look at the big picture. After this project, what would you do with a crane that no longer need? The answer might be to store it somewhere until another project comes along, but that's going to take up valuable warehouse space that could be used for something that you use more often.

No Maintenance or Repairs to Worry About

Any operator of heavy equiipment knows that a regular maintenance schedule is key to keeping these big machines running. Do you really have the time in your schedule to add yet another piece of heavy equipment to your daily maintenance schedule? When you choose to rent a crane instead, the crane services company will provide you with a crane that is already serviced and ready to go. In the event the crane breaks down during operation, it will be on the rental company to fix or replace it, not your own employees.

No Training Time Means Additional Productivity

If you are about to purchase a crane for the first time, you'll have to set time out of your daily schedule to make sure all of your employees are properly trained and up to date with safety regulations for the new equipment. But if you go with a rental, your employees can stay focused on other tasks, increasing your company productivity in the process. Let the crane services company send one of their expert operators to maneuver the crane for you or bring in an outside contractor who is already trained on cranes to assist with this one project.

If you are in need of a crane in your warehouse or at your construction site, consider the benefits of renting from a crane services company instead of buying a new one. Renting instead of buying will save valuable capital that you can put toward other projects. For more information, reach out to a crane services company like Prestige Dock Service.