Object Permanence: Welding Services And How Permanent These Services Can Be

Welding adheres metal to metal. That is a given. What you may not know is that various welding services can make welded items as permanent as you want. The following shows just how temporary or permanent your welded metals can be.

Little Beads

Welders can lay down "little beads" of molten metal to get one lightweight metal surface to stick to another. This is the lightest welding job a welder can do, and it only works for lightweight metals and temporary projects. One such example of this is welding a repair job on a trailer to temporarily keep the wheel chassis stuck to the trailer bed. This allows you to get the trailer into a repair shop where a more permanent repair job can be completed to restore your trailer to its full function.

Long Term Repair

In this instance, the welder uses arc welding tools to make a repair job more permanent. Heavier metals are used. Stronger bonds are made. Arc welding is perfect for auto repairs, detailing, and restoration of all things metal. This service lasts much longer than just the temporary metal beads used in the previously-mentioned service, but not nearly as permanent as stud welding.

Stud Welding

When you need welding to make a metal structure, such as a skyscraper, stand up for decades, you call in a stud welder. Stud welding uses arc welding tools, but it causes metal to change at a molecular level so that the welder can hammer a metal stud or bolt through two metal surfaces. As the welded areas cool, they revert back to their solid molecular form and the bolts can never be removed. It is as though they were made that way, and nothing can tear them apart (except for demolition explosives). This is THE most permanent form of welding you can get.

Tell Your Welder What You Need to Do

A welding contractor instinctively knows exactly which type of welding you need for the project you are attempting. That is good news, as you yourself probably do not know what you need. Simply tell your welding contractor how permanent you want the welding job to be, and what you are attempting to do. The welder will suggest the correct service, explain the benefits, and complete the service as needed and as chosen. The only thing you need to do after that is pay your welding contractor for the job.

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