5 Questions To Consider Before Putting A Sound System In Your Bar Or Club

If you're putting a sound system in your bar or club, there are several issues you need to consider along the way. Whether you are shopping on your own or working with a sound system consultant, here's a look at some of the points you need to consider. Working through these questions will help to ensure you get the quality system you deserve.

1. Do You Want to Feel the Beat?

A quality sound system lets you feel the beat. The bass comes across almost as a sensation, rather than as a loud noise. It doesn't block out the other sounds of your stereo system. If you want that, you need to choose a high-quality system with the right speakers and subwoofers.

2. Which Apps, Equipment, and Software Do You Need to Engage With the System?

Once you start to make a shortlist of potential equipment options, you need to ensure that the option you are choosing works with your existing equipment and software.

For instance, if you want to play music directly from your sound mixing software, you need an amp or receiver that can connect to your computer. Similarly, if you use Spotify or similar apps to play music, you need to ensure that your system works with those apps.

On top of that, don't forget about your equipment. You may need a system that works with your existing microphones or your public announcement (PA) system. If not, you need to budget to replace those items.

3. Do You Need to Address Power Issues?

If your bar or club is in an older building, the wiring may not be able to support a heavy-duty sound system. Even if the wiring is not old, it may already being supporting as many electronics as it can.

To ensure your sound system doesn't short or go out while you are trying to use it, you may need to add a power line conditioner. That works as a voltage regulator. It helps to ensure that your system is always getting a steady dose of the power it needs.

4: Where Do You Want the Sound Focused?

A lot of bars and clubs have different areas throughout their spaces, and you may not want the music at the same volume in every space. For instance, you may want the music focused on your dance floor, but you may want the area by the bar a little quieter.

That makes it easier for people to order drinks and for your bartenders to serve them. A sound system installation professional can help angle the equipment so that the sound is the best in the areas where you want to focus.

5. Do You Want to Invest in a Calibration Mic?

For a home-based system or a small bar or club, a calibration mic is often not necessary. In these environments, you usually don't play music so loudly that it gets distorted. However, when you are putting a system in a bar or club where your focus is on loud music, you may need to invest in a calibration mic.

This hangs in a central location, and it "listens" to the rest of your system. It features an analyzer tool, and that instructs the components of your sound system to make adjustments as needed. This process helps to make the music coming from the speakers sound clear. It helps reduce shrillness and excessive booming.

To get help making those decisions, you may want to talk with a sound system consultant. Then, you may want to work with a professional to install the system. You need professional rigging supplies to put in a system efficiently, and it helps to have a professional installer as well. Contact a company like Metro Sound & Lighting to learn more.