Customers Of A Ball Bearing Supplier

We have all heard of ball bearings, but what are they and how are they used? Who are the customers of a ball bearing supplier? Imagine two flat boards, one on top of the other. As you move the top board forward, there is resistance and friction. Now put marbles between the boards. The top board rolls easily with very little resistance. This is a simple illustration of how ball bearings work. Typically, they are made from steel or ceramic or a combination of the two. Most applications will use the ball bearings between an inner and an outer ring, where they will facilitate free motion of the rings. There are myriad uses for ball bearings. They can be found in turbines, jet engines, machine tools, robotics, aerospace, dental tools and even bicycles. As you can see, the customers of a ball bearing supplier are from a wide range of disciplines. With today's modern manufacturing capabilities, the ball bearings can be made with precision and durability. There are several types of bearings which can be matched to the load and speed required by the customer. There are also grooved, caged and slot-fill applications which all have their own advantages. Wherever moving parts are involved, it is likely ball bearings are being used.